Simple, elegant, functional website templates for your next web project.

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Episodes | Video. Made. Simple.

The Episodes Template

This is “Episodes”, a simple solution for creating dynamic video-centric websites without the need for anything but your favorite text editor and video service (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). Includes auto thumbnails, “plays” & “loves” counting, contact form and MailChimp integrations. Episodes will function perfectly on any PHP compatible server.

Made With: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP

Big Video | Perfectly fluid video splash pages.

The Big Video Template

This is Big Video, a minimalist website template for creating perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages — including “loves”, play count and MailChimp integration. Just update your settings and content, upload to any PHP-compatible server and done.

Made With: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP

Invoice | Invoice your clients and get paid via Stripe.

The Invoice Template

A simple and complete invoicing solution that allows you to create any number invoices for any number of clients and get paid via Stripe. Configure your preferences, upload to your server (SSL required for Stripe payments), create clients and invoices using simple text files — no database or CMS required.

Made With: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Timeline | A template for publishing life.

The Timeline Template

There are so many different outlets available for sharing text, photos, video and more — Timeline allows you to display and publish links to those things in a simple and elegant way.

Made With: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Letter | A simple landing page for your newsletter.

The Letter Template

Launch an email newsletter powered by MailChimp using the Letter template. Update your text, add your MailChimp API and list ID, upload to any PHP compatible server and you’re off.

Made With: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Open | A simple landing page template.

The Open Template

A simple landing page template for open source or virtually any other project. Use it as is by adding your own text, screenshots, links and features — or as a starting point for something much more detailed.

Made With: HTML5, CSS3, JS

Pickle | A template for makers of delicious things.

The Pickle Template

Specifically designed for cafe’s, coffee shops and restaurants, Pickle is the perfect website template for your small business including beautifully crafted panels for all the information important to you.

Made With: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Ship | A template for digital products.

The Ship Template

Specially crafted for selling a single product or service — Ship is a minimalist website template including everything you need to get started.

Made With: HTML5, CSS3, JS

Profile | A perfectly responsive bio template.

The Profile Template

A minimalist landing page template including options to add your profile image, a short intro and links to all the things important to you.

Made With: HTML5, CSS3, JS

Launch | A simple “coming soon” page template.

The Launch Template

If you have something new you’re looking to launch, you’re going to want to start building a community of people interested in what you’re launching. The Launch template by is the best way to do that.

Made With: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS