Simple, Elegant, Single-Page WordPress

We’re making simple, elegant, customizable, single-page WordPress themes focused on doing one thing extremely well.

We love WordPress, but current approaches to themes have gotten a bit out of control — trying to be everything to everyone. We’re taking a step back and creating focused, single-page themes that do one thing extremely well including just enough customization to achieve your goal without leaving you overwhelmed.

Folio: A minimalist portfolio theme.

Big Video: Perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages.

Timeline: A simple solution for publishing life.

Letter: A simple landing page for your newsletter.

Up Next: A landing-page for your videos.

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Here’s what we’re working on next — if you need something specific... just ask.

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In Development — Est. March 2016

A landing-page for your Vimeo or YouTube videos.


In Development — Est. April 2016

A simple “coming soon” theme.


In Development — Est. April 2016

A landing page for cafe’s, coffee shops, restaurants and bars.


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We’re here for any questions, comments, ideas you might have... or even just say hello. In any case, all we ask is that we keep things courteous. We’ll always try my best to get back to you within 24 hours.


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